Tuesday, May 6th marks the start of National Nurses Week with this year’s theme being “Nurses Leading the Way.”As I reflect on my time as a registered nurse I am always empowered by the excitement this week brings as well as humbled by the many accomplishments of my peers that are rightfully recognized.  Throughout my career and time here at Freedom I have had the opportunity to work closely with nurses in various settings in the fertility community. Whether it is nurses working in physicians’ offices, running different fertility organizations or working with our drug manufacturers there continues to be an unspoken bond when one nurse deals with another. Though our experiences and duties may be different we are all connected by a common thread: commitment to our patient. Furthermore, in the fertility field it is common to become deeply invested in the part we play in the journey that our patients have gone through and our role as an advocate and supporter throughout their treatment. We are often times the outlet for their fears or frustrations as well as the voice of calm when they feel overwhelmed with the myriad of information that they are exposed to. In this sense it is indeed our duty to act as a compass for our patients, leading the way as they travel the road of infertility or any other disease they may be battling. It is this duty that makes not only the recognition of this week but more importantly a career as a nurse so rewarding.

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