To put it simply, the holidays can be hard. Family parties with questions about when you’re planning to have children, watching others experience opening gifts through their children’s eyes, even something as little as a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament can spark emotions you promised yourself you wouldn’t give into this year. Sometimes you just want someone to acknowledge the physical and emotional hardships you’ve faced this year and not just glaze over the fact that you’re still not pregnant. While it may not always come from the people you expect, finding support can make a lasting impact in your fertility journey. Through my work, I’m able to see and hear about just how important support, in its varied forms, can be.

In November, members of the infertility community gathered in New York City for RESOLVE’s annual Night of Hope in honor and celebration of the work and dedication given by the Hope Award recipients. While gratitude is always a common theme amongst the awardees, sometimes they take a moment to share their own infertility stories; a poignant reminder of why we are all there. Their contributions and volunteer work have undoubtedly shaped the lives of many couples who otherwise may not have found the care and support they needed. Their bravery and strength in being so public with a very private subject surely provided others the opportunity to reach out for support.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you find that avenue of support; whether it’s reaching out to a friend who has walked in your shoes, a blog, a support group or phone call – support is there when and where you need it.

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