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Everyone wants to have a fertility success story – sooner rather than later - and with a minimum of physical or emotional complications. While fertility medications are certainly an integral part of most fertility treatment journeys, patients fare best when they have realistic expectations.

For the large majority of individuals and couples using fertility treatment to treat an infertility issue:

It takes multiple cycles

There are one-and-done fertility success stories, but those are more rare. Most women require multiple cycles of fertility medications and/or treatment attempts before they experience a successful, full-term pregnancy. Recent studies show couples using fertility medications for IVF have the highest chance of success when able to pursue at least three and up to eight IVF cycles.

You may need to take fertility meds even if you ovulate

It’s true that fertility medications were largely designed to stimulate ovulation in females who didn’t ovulate regularly – or at all – without them. However, if your partner has a male infertility factor (low sperm count and/or poor sperm morphology/motility) you may find yourself taking fertility meds as well. By doing so, there are more eggs present when sperm are introduced (unassisted or via IUI), increasing your chances of conception.

Injectable fertility meds cause notable side effects – almost always

Oral meds, like Clomid, are known to cause mild side effects, but most women who take injectable fertility medications are surprised at the degree to which they experience side effects – even if they typically consider themselves unshakable.

Fertility medications can cause cramping, bloating and nausea – but they also cause irritability and unpredictable mood swings. It’s better to be prepared for the worst and enjoy if it doesn’t happen to you than it is to assume you won’t be affected, and then have your world turn temporarily upside down.

Almost any woman who has experienced IVF will tell you she was surprised by how dramatic impact the injectable fertility medications had on her life - a powerful reason to ensure you work with a knowledgeable doctor and pharmacy that exclusively handles fertility medications to experience the best possible outcomes. Also, we recommend you engage your first- and second lines of support before proceeding with fertility meds so you have immediate emotional support (or a grocery run or meal delivery) if and when you need it.

Life will not proceed exactly as planned

One of the first things women who’ve been through fertility treatments will tell you is to clear the calendar and let the fertility journey be your guide. From multiple IVF cycles and necessary days off work to having to change your fertility plan based with a IVF cycle failure or new diagnostic information - - fertility treatments and the medications associated with them create a topsy-turvy calendar that is ultimately out of your control.

Clear your calendar of non-essentials to remain somewhat flexible, leaving the inevitable windows available for resting after treatments, processing emotional upheavals, practicing self-care and weathering the aforementioned fertility medication side-effects. If nothing else, a clear calendar reduces your overall stress load.

Fertility medications are more affordable and convenient than ever

It’s no secret that fertility treatments are expensive, so it’s nice to have a bit of a financial reprieve from time to time. Fertility medications are one arena where the financial reality is better than the projected expectations.

These days, the combination of fertility medication financing, combined with pharmacies who offer online support, education and complimentary shipping – it’s never been easier to fill or refill your prescription, regardless of a busy schedule or an upcoming vacation.

If you’re interested in learning more about affordable fertility medication options and fertility specific pharmacies, contact Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. We work closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to administer self-pay discount programs and our pharmacy offers both online and clinician-to-patient support options. We’ll make sure you always find the information you’re looking for.

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