• Just Relax, You Will Get Pregnant…

    I’m sure you’ve cringed or wanted to scream each and every time someone has said that to you. In the first place you were relaxed when you started on this baby project. You were full of hope and confident that this month free from birth control pills, diaphragms or condoms you’d be making a baby … Read More

  • Making Injection Training Personalized and Convenient

    One of the scariest things about doing fertility treatments is learning how to prepare and administer injectable medications. We associate making a baby with a romantic dinner, candlelight, wine and kisses not pens, vials, syringes and needles. Yet nearly all fertility treatment protocols involve one or more medications that must be given by injection. When … Read More

  • A Saturday Well Spent…

    Saturday was the absolute perfect New England fall day; sunny blue skies with temperatures in the 60’s. It was the day for a long walk holding hands, a picnic of wine with cheese and crackers, a walk through Faneuil Hall popping in and out of shops and a great lunch over in the North End … Read More

  • HOM and Insurance Coverage

    Every morning, as I get ready for work, I have the TODAY Show on in the background. I like Meredith, Ann, Matt, Al and the occasional piece by Dr. Nancy.  So that’s how I learned that “Parents of twins give birth to quintuplets”. As soon as I heard the story tease I cringed and at … Read More

  • FET Mix Up

    “We will be eternally grateful for his guardian angel, Carolyn Savage, and the support of the entire Savage family. We’re looking forward to spending the next few weeks getting to know our new baby.” That was Paul and Shannon Morrell’s official statement regarding the birth of their baby boy by C Section on September 24, … Read More

  • Welcome to the Freedom Fertility Blog

    While I am a blog novice I am happy to say I am a “veteran” infertility nurse. I’ve been at this for 20 years now and still find joy in explaining all the intricate details of human reproduction to people who never gave it too much thought until they wanted to reproduce. I love being … Read More