• Latest IVF Success Rates Show Continued Increase in Live Births

    Earlier this month the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) released the 2011 data on the use and success of assisted reproductive technologies throughout the United States.  The report, compiled from data from 379 US clinics, found 59,446 babies born from a total of 154,412 cycles completed. Additionally, the number of live births resulting from … Read More

  • The ‘Loved One’ Rule and Compounding

    Ten days from now I celebrate my eighth anniversary of working at Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. Many times over the years I have been asked about compounding at Freedom. The health care providers and patients we serve wanted to know how we knew the medications (and often times specifically the injections) that we were compounding were … Read More

  • Meeting the Needs of Our Mobile Patients…Announcing Freedom Fertility Mobile 2.0!

    In our continued commitment to unmatched support of our fertility patients, Freedom Fertility is proud to announce the launch of the Freedom Fertility Mobile app version 2.0! With the success of the first Freedom Fertility Mobile app for iPhone operating systems, we immediately went back to the drawing board to determine how we could continue … Read More

  • Life Lessons

     I recently celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary with my wife. It has been a wonderful journey and I’ve learned a lot about being a husband. One thing that most husbands never seem to get I may have actually learned working at Freedom. Let me explain. Freedom Fertility has an on-call service that is available 24/7 for our patients. Normally … Read More

  • Managing Multiples

    A recent news story featured on the Today show reminded me of how unpredictable procreation can be, whether achieved naturally or through the use of fertility treatments. The story focused on two sets of identical twins who had met one another at an annual “Twin Convention” held to allow this unique population to interact with one … Read More

  • Coming into this New Year, there a few things you can do to facilitate the process of ordering medications and becoming more familiar with your insurance. Refreshing your knowledge of your benefits, checking for changes in your plan, and having any ID cards handy are all important. Your benefits may have been modified or levels … Read More

  • Finding Your Voice in the New Year

    This past New Year’s Eve I found myself, as many of you probably did, celebrating the evening surrounded by some of my closest and oldest friends. As I looked around at the eclectic group of people I have come to call “family,” it struck me how much had changed in the past 12 months. Two … Read More

  • Insurance Expertise You Can Count On

    My name is Kim and I have been with Freedom Fertility Pharmacy for 11 years. In the years I have been a part of the Freedom team, I have had the pleasure of working in all departments from initial order set-up, to processing of patients prescriptions, to packaging patients orders and now working with patients … Read More

  • ‘Tis the Season

    As another year comes to a close, many of us begin to look back on the last 12 months reflecting on chances taken, opportunities missed and goals reached both professionally and personally. Perhaps even now more than ever, we take stock in the love that we have given and received from those around us. We … Read More

  • Milk: Does it Really Do a Body Good?

    During my formative years I can still recall being inundated with the age-old adage of drinking milk to help build strong bones, or as my mother would put it help me “grow up into a big boy” (a statement she still finds time to share occasionally). Regardless of any scientific backing, males have always been … Read More