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We want to pause for a moment to honor and remember Denis Rondeau, who passed away this last weekend. Denis founded Freedom Fertility as we know it, and his spirit certainly lives on through our work today.

Denis worked for the regional New England pharmacy chain, Freedom Drug back in the 1970’s & 80’s. He worked his way up to managing his own store in Framingham, MA and only went up from there. Freedom Drug was eventually sold off and Denis bought a small pharmacy in Lynnfield, MA in 1994, which carries on the Freedom name today. At that point, Denis and Kim Rondeau together forged a path for specialty pharmacy focused on fertility, long before specialty pharmacy was ever contemplated.

Larger than life is a great way to describe Denis. He would walk through the pharmacy and inspire a kind of energy that none of us can really explain. And that’s been the “secret sauce” of Freedom – that passion and adrenaline that we get, especially when faced with a challenge. The fighting spirit to take care of every patient, succeed every night and support each other like family is the gift and legacy of Denis.

The work we do at Freedom is so special and meaningful. And on top of that, we have the honor of carrying on a great legacy. The year 2020 has been our most challenging yet. But we know Denis would only double down during the most difficult of times, and we are so proud that we carry on this spirit in his stead.

We love you and promise to keep working hard for you, Denis.

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