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Sunday marked the start of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). NIAWs host, RESOLVE, is prepared with all kinds of events and activities designed to spread the word about infertility and its impact across the racial, cultural, and socio-economic spectrum. This year’s theme is, “Empowering You and Changing the Conversation.”

As always, NIAW’s core mission is to educate and inform the public about infertility, how common it actually is, and how the public awareness and support will help everyone have the family they deserve. The more we spread the word and work to change the conversation around infertility and fertility treatment, the more financial, emotional, and community wide support will be available to anyone who struggles to get pregnant at home and needs support from a fertility specialist.

Empowering You Changes the World

Even in the midst of Coronavirus and mandated sheltering-in-place, there are all kinds of things you can do to support NIAW 2020’s worthy cause. Everyone’s online at home these days, which means your voice matters across the range of social media platforms and other digital outlets.

Read others’ stories and/or write and share your own

Reading other individual’s stories about their infertility journey is one of the best ways to realize that you are not alone and to get some anonymous infertility support. Plus, better yet, reading their stories will help you understand that you are a warrior in the good company of other strong, brave women and men. In addition to reading and listening to others’ stories, you can also share your own. Click Here to learn more.

Activate at the local level

While the large-scale, annual NIAW walks are canceled due to the coronavirus, there are still multiple, visible ways to activate and inform your local community. Examples include:

  • Contacting local media outlets who may not know about NIAW. You can direct them to the NIAW Media Kit, making it easy for them to put a quick story or blurb together for the daily news or to share on local talk show programs.
  • Tell your story on Facebook, where you can also set up click-thrus for followers and visitors to make donations to RESOLVE.
  • Wear orange on April 22. Then, wear a badge that says, “Ask me why I’m wearing orange,” to engage people in conversation about NIAW during your Zoom meetings or other online video chat platforms.

Spread the word at the global level

RESOLVE (aka, The National Infertility Association) spearheads NIAW each year. They do a phenomenal job at supporting all of you who are willing to take an activist’s role - no matter how small or large. That includes an entire page with plenty of tips and resources for using social media to spread the word at the more global level.

And, of course, your health and wellbeing are always the number one priority. Visit Tips for Stress Relief During Fertility Treatments to help maintain balance while sheltering in place and gearing up to participate in National Infertility Awareness Week. The team here at Freedom Fertility Pharmacy looks forward to seeing you “out there” in the social media world as we support NIAW 2020 and continue empowering you while changing the conversation.

We are wholly dedicated to ensuring your fertility medications arrive safely, on time, and exactly where and when you need them to. Contact us to learn more about how fertility speciality pharmacies provide invaluable support to individuals and couples.

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