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If you’ve been down the fertility treatment path before, you know first-hand that filling fertility medications at the local pharmacy leaves much to be desired. For one, you aren’t sick, so why stand in line with others who are? Secondly, traditional pharmacy hours and services rarely align with those of busy, working adults adhering to a strict fertility treatment protocol.

When you’re diligently checking off the calendar dates and injection times relevant to your fertility treatment protocol, you deserve a pharmacy who understands. You’ll notice an immediate difference when you work with a pharmacy that specializes in fertility medications. The pharmacists and technicians have years of fertility medication experience and work with your physician to provide the best experience possible.

Think About Choosing a Fertility Pharmacy If…

You’re using fertility treatments to get pregnant

Their dedicated pharmacists and staff will be with you 100% of the way. We’ll talk to you about your medication and what you can expect, and we’ll be there for you if and when you need to up the ante and use injectable fertility medications.

We’ll remain in contact with your doctor’s office and staff to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need and we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Financing can be an issue

Most fertility pharmacies offer unique financing options, making costs and payment options more feasible with your budget. At Freedom Fertility, medication deliveries are free of charge, and pharmacy technicians are available to explain insurance coverage, self-pay options, and answer any other questions you may have.

Busy schedules and frequent travel make regular pharmacy pick-ups a challenge

Full-time jobs, work travel and life-in-general make it difficult to pick-up pharmacy orders during “normal business hours.” Then there are those moments when you realize you are running out, forgot to pack your meds or need supplies STAT. That’s when fertility pharmacies can feel like lifesavers.

Customers love the online services offered by fertility-only pharmacies. These allow you to refill an Rx or schedule a delivery from the convenience of a conference room, hotel room or an airline’s Wi-Fi network. You’re never left in the lurch…medications arrive on time, to the designated address - always perfectly packaged, insulated and in the company of an ice pack.

You need care and support

The fertility journey isn’t easy, and fertility pharmacies ensure you’re emotional well-being is as equally supported as your physical well-being.

While you should always talk to you doctor first about fertility medication specifics, our registered pharmacists, pharmacy techs and experienced clinicians are here to field questions about how to administer your meds, dosage specifics and to learn more about fertility treatment options. We’re here to help you find clarity through a journey that can feel unsettling at times.

Doesn’t everybody deserve a fertility pharmacy?

We sure think so. Fertility-specific pharmacies work to form a seamless bridge between your fertility specialist and the pharmacy, adding another layer of compassionate support to the mix.

Interested in learning more about how a specialty pharmacy can enhance your fertility treatment experience? Contact Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and benefit from decades of fertility medication experience and expertise.

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