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There is the logistical IVF process – appointment dates, timing, test results, procedures, etc. – and then there is the process that takes place within that logistical sphere. Adhering to a stringent fertility medication protocol is one of those logistics, and it’s often the most challenging one for patients to feel comfortable with, or to make their peace with, due to fertility meds’ rigorous demands.

We’ve found that the more we simplify the fertility medication protocol for individuals and couples, the more simple their IVF process becomes.

IVF Made Simpler

While there is no easy path through IVF, there are things you can do to make it more simple, from expediting diagnosis and customized treatments to honing fertility medication skills to optimize their potential – and minimize their side effects.

Consult With a Fertility Specialist Sooner, Rather Than Later

Timing matters in all aspects of fertility – from timing conception appropriately to jumping on the infertility diagnosis bandwagon ASAP when you suspect there’s a problem.

The sooner your infertility factor(s) is diagnosed, the closer you are pursuing the right fertility treatments. And, because maternal age is a major factor, time is of the essence when it comes to retrieving the healthiest and most viable eggs for IVF.

Read, When is it Time? to learn more about when the “red flags” indicating it’s time to consult with a fertility specialist.

Simplifying Fertility Medication Simplifies the IVF Process

Fertility medications are used in virtually every version of fertility treatment, even when male factor infertility is a concern. This is because the more viable eggs there are available to meet the sperm, the better your chances of conception. If first-rounds of fertility treatments involve conceiving at home or intrauterine insemination, odds are you’ll be prescribed Clomid or a similar oral fertility medication.

If you’re going the IVF route, you’ll require injectable infertility medications. These are considered the heavy hitters of the fertility medication options. While they stimulate the release of more eggs, offering more chances to create viable embryos, injectable medications are known for their more intense side effects, and they are higher-maintenance in all aspects of their handling, storage, and administration as well.

Fertility Pharmacies Empower Your Fertility Medication Experience

While patients quickly adapt to calendaring and scheduling appointments, dosage and timing, etc. (gadget-based calendars and apps are wonderful for that), the nuts-and-bolts of injectable fertility medications are often the trickiest logistical part of the IVF process.

And, since stress-reduction and relaxation are tenets of self-care during fertility treatments, working with pharmacists and clinicians well-versed in fertility medications contributes to the de-stressing aspect of self-care.

By using a specialty pharmacy focused on fertility medications, your at-home process is automatically simplified. Patients benefit from:

  • Continued education, information, training, and video demos pertaining to every aspect of injectable medications – available online, 24/7.
  • Direct access to trained clinicians who specialize in fertility medication and are happy to facilitate communication between you, the pharmacy, and your fertility specialist
  • The ability to have fertility medications shipped anywhere you need them, with proper packaging and refrigeration, preserving medication potency and efficacy.
  • Access to tips and tricks to keep injections as pain-free as possible
  • Informed support around how to keep fertility medications as affordable as possible, including streamlined communication with insurance carriers and healthcare providers.

The level of support available from experienced, credible specialty pharmacies ensures you have all of the information you need to feel comfortable with your medications and administer them as directed, supporting your IVF cycle.

Are you interested in simplifying the IVF process as much as possible? Consider using Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. Our clinicians have devoted their lives and careers to becoming well-versed in fertility treatments and patient medication needs. Good companionship lends ease and simplicity to any challenging journey, and we are here for you every step of the way.

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