• Fall and Winter Holiday Hours of Operation and Shipping Schedule

    As we approach the holiday season, we want to inform you of our operating hours and shipping schedules. Please keep the following in mind when placing your order: • Keep a close eye on the supply of medication you have on-hand to ensure you have enough to get you through each holiday. • Place your … Read More

  • Getting to Know the Freedom Team: Rachel Copeland

    The team at Freedom Fertility Pharmacy is excited to introduce our readers to some of the many talented and dedicated staff that help to meet the needs of our patients throughout their fertility journey. First up is a member of our team who oversees several aspects of our patient services department and has, herself, worked … Read More

  • My Holiday Wish for You

    To put it simply, the holidays can be hard. Family parties with questions about when you’re planning to have children, watching others experience opening gifts through their children’s eyes, even something as little as a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament can spark emotions you promised yourself you wouldn’t give into this year. Sometimes you just want … Read More

  • Freedom Fertility Pharmacy Announces New Medication Financing Program

    One of the most common stressors around fertility treatments can be the high cost of not only the medical procedures but also the prescription medications required. Often times I will be speaking to patients who have reached the point of going through treatment but have now been surprised by the high cost of the medications … Read More

  • Serving Our Troops with Compassionate Corps

    In November we honor our troops who have served our country with Veterans Day, celebrated earlier this month, and continue to give thanks for their service this Thanksgiving. Not only must we recognize the sacrifice that our veterans gave and continue to give by protecting our freedom but we must also honor those who may … Read More

  • Understanding Your Options: Egg Freezing Pt.2

    Last entry we discussed what is involved when a patient undergoes a cycle of egg freezing. While this option of treatment has been utilized successfully for many years, over the last several months the topic has gained national attention as more and more patients opt to undergo the procedure voluntarily as a means to preserve … Read More

  • Understanding Your Options: Egg Freezing Pt.1

    Recently it seems the topic of egg freezing has been popping up everywhere you look. Whether it is in online blogs, articles or in television, the concept of a woman having the option to “freeze” her fertility for one reason or another has become a hot button topic, one which can be both confusing and … Read More

  • Celebrating National Nurses Week

    Tuesday, May 6th marks the start of National Nurses Week with this year’s theme being “Nurses Leading the Way.”As I reflect on my time as a registered nurse I am always empowered by the excitement this week brings as well as humbled by the many accomplishments of my peers that are rightfully recognized.  Throughout my … Read More

  • NIAW:Resolve to know more

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of Resolve’s National Infertility Awareness Week (April 20-26), with this year’s theme being “Resolve to know more”. This can mean many things in the infertility world; learning more about your diagnosis, the treatment options that are available or if you are just beginning your journey, learning how to optimize … Read More

  • New Year, New Coverage Pt. II

    Last entry we discussed the intricacies of investigating your medical benefits for fertility treatment coverage. In today’s post we will dive into some of the more important things to consider when looking into whether the fertility drugs your doctor has prescribed are going to be covered under insurance. To being with, it is important to … Read More